Be Different. Be Beautiful.


Being different is a compliment. At least I see that now. I spent majority of my adolescence and early twenties loathing the fact that I was different. Not only did my exterior stick out like a sore thumb but so did my personality. I was far too old for my age, often spending my time around women much older than I. I had very few friends because I spoke about the world, the universe, the meaning of life and why we’re here while most other girls giggled about boys, pigtails and painted their nails and stole their mother’s lipstick. I tried extremely hard to fit in, all to no avail. Trying so hard never felt right but I wanted so much to be like the others, believing ever so deeply that it wasn’t fair that I had to be different. Not understanding the deep rooted connection I had to my soul and the unique gift of curiosity I had been blessed with. As I grew older (and one would hope, wiser) I realized that it wasn’t how different I was that felt so miserable inside, but the” trying to fit in” to a mould that wasn’t made for me. Why do social standards try to fit triangles into circles and squares into triangles? Our gifts are so unique just as our callings, our purpose in life and why we are here. Embracing them should be our number #1 priority. Afterall, the best version of ourselves is the real, unedited, unscripted version that dances like a spastic, sings like a boy whose voice is yet to break and a multitiude of awkward, dorky tendancies all of which are the beautiful things that make us who we truly are.

Embrace your true colors! Take that paint brush and coat the world with the rainbow that is you.


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