Technology Has Surpassed Human Interaction


With all the technology these days it’s hard to imagine what life was like before we had all these distractions. Being that I’m some what of a slow bloomer when it comes to technology (as long the phone is big, shiny and has big buttons I’m sat-is-fied) I still take the time to appreciate life before internet, before the gadgets and before the zombie revolution. You see, I grew up in a time where computers were a class you took once a week and no one had them in their homes. A time where, people spoke to eachother when sitting to have dinner together. A time where, as kids you played outside in the sun, rain or cold with the neighbours kids. A time where, you actually spoke to your neighbours!!!! A time where riding bikes, roller blading, and playing handball were what we used to do in our school holidays. I look around now as I’m on the bus, at the mall, driving, eating dinner at a restaurant (or at home!) everyone is glued to their smartphone. The time I realized how serious this problem has become, is at the cinema when the second the lights came on everyone took their phone out to see what they missed in the 90 minutes they spent being a normal human being.

It saddens me that our society has become reclusive. Our techonological advances are wonderful and all but we’re paying the price in so many other ways. Where did human interaction go? What happened to being respectful of other people, to your family at dinner and to your friends during a conversation. Today’s inspiration is to put your phone down. Live in the moment. Enjoy the life that is around you, beneath you, above you. Appreciate the beauty of what is real and the reason you are breathing everyday. There is so much life out there to live, put the phone down and go live it! Go on…


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