Today I’m Grateful For…The Kindness Of A Stranger


As I jumped aboard a bus today, on my merry way to an important meeting, I felt myself becoming hot and clamy. The bus jolted forward and the slow rocking of the vehicle was making the nauseating feeling in the pit of my stomach worse by the second. I felt the blood rise to my face and immediately recognized the cause of such a symptom…I was about to faint. I tried all the breathing techniques I could think of and all the standing positions I could manage, trying desperately to dissipate the feeling creeping up my throat and throbbing in my head. Grabbing the nearest pole, my breath was becoming thin and my eyes started to blur, rolling around in their sockets. Just when I thought I was going down, I turned to a lady sitting in the front row, across the aisle who grabbed me by the arm and put me in her seat. I bent over in an upright fetal position and through my head phones could hear someone repeating,“Madame, are you ok?” After regaining concsiousness, I looked up at her tender face and mouthed “thankyou”, making sure it was clear enough that I understood she didn’t have to give up her seat but that I appreciated it more than words could possibly describe (or my ego could conceivably bare). While I can’t say much about the the lucky man who would have broken my fall should I have passed out (but nonetheless, didn’t budge), I can say that today, humanity proved itself to me.

Today, I’m grateful for the kindness of a humble stranger who saw a woman in need and actually acted upon it.


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