Develop From The Negatives

DevelopNegativesIn the midst of a disheartening situation, we rarely give thought to how positively the circumstances we are facing can affect who we are in the future just by changing the way we think. It is my belief, that the most trying hardships are those that live in the depths of our minds. They have no physical presence nor do they show any kind of visible trace or markings. The worst exists in thought, and for as long as we keep feeding that thought, will it bare any fruit.

Whenever things feel like they are falling apart, ask yourself if the reel running in your mind is legitimate or an assumption based on the worry of what the possible outcomes might be. In these moments, consider that without the negatives, we can never truly appreciate the positives and in order to grow, we must exercise the courage to be vulnerable for it is in the most delicate part of our being where we feel the hurt but also find our true self. Take what is impacting you negatively and look for the positives lying beneath it because just like every picture, our souls need to be developed so that we can appreciate the true and unconditional beauty that is life itself.


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