Today I’m Grateful For…Patience


We spend so much of our time waiting. In bank lines, at bus stops, at cab stops, for special occassions, for your next brithday, for things to happen, to get the good news you’re waiting for or for the bad news to go away. We are always just, waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. It can be so frustrating. Five minutes seems like an hour and the hours, days, weeks just drag.

What I have grown to learn, is beauty actually exists in waiting. You see, waiting requires patience. If we were not meant to be held up, we wouldn’t be. If we were not meant to wait for something to happen, then it would just happen. If things weren’t meant to fall apart, then we wouldn’t have the opportunity to start afresh. Patience to me is the gift we have been given to help us find peace in uncomfortable or discouraging situations and to develop our own sense of self and time.

Today, I’m grateful for the gift of patience.


2 thoughts on “Today I’m Grateful For…Patience

    1. Thank you! I’m living proof that with hard work anyone can change their perspective and live a more richly fulfilled life. I feel blessed in so many ways, one of which is sharing gratitude with kindred spirits like yourself.


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