Coming Into The Light


I’ve often wondered if “coming into the light” is a state of mind or not. Perhaps a realisation that, at the end of the day, stepping out of the darkness is a choice more than a circumstance. Maybe it’s a gut feeling or perhaps, a knowing that the time to mourn, is over. I’m not really sure. I guess in a way that’s a question we all need to ask ourselves at one point or another and, just like you, being forced to dig into the vulnerable places within my heart and asking myself that very question everyday is what has brought me to this place.

Truth be told, I haven’t felt inspired in a very long time. After a long and depressing winter, tormented with worry about the future and associated anxiety, it seems that, only half of me made it through to the other side. Conflicted and resentful, I realized that the part of me that was missing included touching the lives of others every day. Whether anyone really reads my blog or not – I don’t know. The only thing that feels real to me in this moment is that regardless of how detached I feel, giving you, my readers, reason to smile makes me smile. If only one person experiences a sense of relief or comfort today or any day after reading this post, knowing they’re not alone in their fight (whatever it may be), my task for today is complete.


One thought on “Coming Into The Light

  1. Thank you for this! I’ve recently gone through a similar dark spell. (You can read about it here:

    My friend has as well, and her post about it really resonated with me: (

    I’d like to leave you with is this: You are not alone. Not alone in this fight for life. Not alone in the struggle. I’m right here with you. We’re all here with you. The great thing about life is that we all have our up’s, and we all have our down’s. We’re never alone, really. Even when it feels like it sometimes.

    I appreciate your vulnerability and outpouring of your soul here on your blog. It’s really meaningful.

    You are amazing! And I love you.

    Have a beautiful day, friend!
    ❤ Brittany


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