Embracing Our Inner Compass


There is something so incredibly beautiful about the way the spirit of life presents itself, taking on different forms and signs, guiding you in different directions, leading you to discovering a path never before seen. Something is pulling at us, peaking our curiosity, driving our inner sensors wild with fear and anticipation all at the same time. What does it all mean?

We all have the fear of the unknown around the corner. Many of us spend a life time wondering about the what if’s while only a handful of us actually take the leap of faith, knowing that what ever that insistent vibration is within us, it cannot be ignored. It astonishes me that people settle for a life that is miserable, unfulfilled and inadequate, never seizing opportunities that are all around them. There is so much potential out there beyond the status quo. Chase it, live it, be an example of someone who made a difference whether in your own life, or in someone else’s. Each and every one of us should strive for our own version of what “being” more, not “having” more, truly encompasses. In my eyes, it is incredibly ignorant to let what rightfully belongs to us just pass us by for fear of losing what seems right on the surface. Continue to take things at face value, ignore connecting on a deeper level and watch, while everything in life you thought made sense, literally fall apart around you.

The consequences of not sticking to the “plan” we have imagined in our minds can impair us mentally, debilitate us spiritually and rape us emotionally. You build a life, you work at it, you give it everything you’ve got and somehow the energy you are putting out is not being reciprocated. Why do you think that is? My friend Anthony once told me that when you’re living in a life where all the doors are being shut in your face and the windows are so high you cannot see through them, it doesn’t mean you’re at the end, it just means that the direction you’re taking is not meant for you and life articulately leads you on a path previously unseen. A path offering the truth and happiness all our hearts longingly seek. A path that has the potential to save us from making a mistake life knows we will regret. It’s no coincidence that at exactly the right time, the moment you give in to your inner compass, life, in one fell swoop, takes you in a direction filled with love and light and countless blessings you never imagined were on the other side. While it all seems so dark now, I can assure you, with my life as a testament, that what is on the other side of that fence, is worth every sacrifice you are willing to make.

Who you are and how your story unfolds, is entirely yours to write.


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