Who is sitting at the table of your life?


The authenticity, the vulnerability, the truth in this image moved me such that, I felt a closeness to everyone in the world when reading it and a willingness in my heart to share it. I don’t know the battles any of you are currently facing in your lives, professionally or personally (or both) therefore, I don’t know who needs to read these words today. However, know that I am sending you all my loving energy in the hope it will reach you and you will be able to receive it.

At one point or another, we have all saved a seat at the table of our life for people who don’t deserve it. We want them there, despite the fact that they clearly don’t want to be, nor do they recognise what it means to be bestowed that privilege. I have grown to realise this as my truth over the last twelve months. Who I was this time last year and what I allowed, is not who I am today. My shoes look different, my clothes look different, the sadness that dimmed the sparkle in my eyes has been replaced with a light that causes me to shimmer every colour of the rainbow and beyond, even on my darkest days.

As I bathe in the magnificent rays emanating from the freedom of knowing and truly living the truth that, I don’t have to save anyone a seat at the table of my life, nor do I have to allow or accept just anyone into my circle. Those who do want to be there, deserve to be there, are showing up – at work, at home, in my family and in my friends and those who don’t, know it, and are picking up their bags one by one, and walking out (hallelujah!).

My friends, never forget your right to choose. Be open to the fact that it will sometimes hurt and you will lose people you once thought added value. Exercise gratitude everyday, especially, on the ones that seem the hardest. At the end, only you determine how much wealth or lack of, you accept or create in your life.


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