I see humans, but no humanity

Gosh, I don’t know where to begin today…

I woke up this morning to comments and shares by people who were angry that the world wasn’t standing beside Turkey for the bombings in Istanbul this week. Being an incredibly passionate human rights advocate, what I saw when I read those words, was the ugliness of the human race.

Have we really become so dependent on social media acknowledgement and kudos that the lack of coverage for what is going on, means to some people that no one cares? It blows my mind that this is where people are holding value. Why there is no “Pray for Turkey”campaign or hashtag, why buildings are not being illuminated in Turkey’s national colours. Really? Doing these things is now an obligation?

#prayforparis went viral because a creative person came up with something catchy, that caused the world to stand united. It moved people because it was heartfelt and genuine. Does that mean we care more for Paris then for Turkey? No. It just means that in that moment, a movement of love was being shared and like anything “new” and different people latch on and then get over it. The impact of “Pray for Turkey” would not have been the same, because our society has already moved on from the novelty of such a hashtag. If we really want to cause change or create a movement, it must come from an authentic place and it needs to be different.

The way I see prayer is this…it is a sacred moment between a believer and the divine, done in silence and stillness. Those who genuinely care for humanity, don’t need a pat on the back for being a good person. They pray as respect for the souls passing on. They are changing the world around them everyday with acts of kindness and above all, loving every human being equally despite the colour of their skin or the patch of soil they happened to be born on. 

My request to you all reading this is…how about we start praying for all humans? Not just the ones who have passed or are hurting from acts of violence. How about we start praying for those so incredibly troubled and disconnected from their soul, from what it means to be human, that hurting others makes sense to them? How about we start praying for these souls to get complete. We cannot bring back life with prayer, but we can ask the divine to give love, guidance and forgiveness to those so broken, so lost, in the hope that it will cause them to stop, and think, before taking another human’s life.

If there is anything in this world we should be standing for, it is LOVE. It is to speak with love, act with love, come from love, give love, BE love. The divine has given us two legs to stand with, a spine to hold us upright, a voice to speak with and a heart to love with. There is no mistake in the way we are made. The mistake, is in not using what we have been given to be lightworkers in a world that seems so incredibly dark right now.


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