You are not the product of your surroundings


Walking home from work after what seemed like the worst day 2016 had dished out to me so far, I noticed a gardenia tree covered in dead and browning flowers. There, in the middle of all that sadness, was this one beautiful gardenia blooming with such audacity, despite its unfavourable surroundings. Here I was wondering, how I am going to rise up above the situation I am currently in, struggling to grow while faced with adversity and here it was, growing anyway. 
After a one on one moment with this beautiful force of life, I’m really present to the conversation about choice. We choose to dull our sparkle at difficult times instead of choosing to shine in spite of it. Our surroundings don’t determine our growth, we do and it’s 100% up to us to  create that. The only way we can do so is by choosing it. Choosing the pain and frustration even if it means heart break. Choosing the failure and shining anyway. Choosing the fear and taking the risk. Just choose it…for everything it is and everything it’s not. You might be surprised with what is on the other end.


2 thoughts on “You are not the product of your surroundings

  1. Yes yes yes!!! I LOVE this metaphor!! Life is very much like this. And the cool thing is that when we get that we get to CHOOSE? Ohhh yeah. That’s when the magic happens.

    We are creators in our own lives, not simply victims. So. What do we choose to create? And then go from there ❤

    Thank you so much for this post!!! Keep sharing your light! We need more of that in the world. LOVE!!!

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