Kindness Philosophy

I have been in such deep reflection these last few weeks with the strangest sense of calm and peace, strength and resilience despite what is occurring around me.

On my mind when I woke this morning was an odd questioning: how does humanity occur for me and what state of existence does it have in our society? And that is when I saw this…

Ubuntu translates roughly to “human kindness” – humanity towards others and the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. Isn’t it interesting then that we spend much of our lives keeping how we feel to ourselves, what we see to ourselves, what we (really) think to ourselves, our knowledge to ourselves, what we believe in to ourselves, what we dream to ourselves and what we achieve to ourselves and yet somehow expect connectedness to occur despite how much crap we put between us and others so that we don’t get hurt, we don’t look bad, so that others won’t speak negatively about us and other such ridiculous thoughts and ideas that further separate us from our humanity.

What would be I wonder, if we were to take opportunities to share our true selves with the world regardless of the risk. In today’s reflection, I am really present to how much time and energy we spend disconnecting ourselves from our humanity. Generosity and kindness is never wasted so I am am spending the rest of the day seeking out opportunities to perform random acts of kindness and would love to hear the things my network is up to in causing humanity in their own lives.


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