Many of us are looking to fill a void within, constantly searching for the missing pieces to our life puzzle. What this world has conditioned us to do from birth is forget who we are; spiritual beings, vibrating on different wave lengths in an existence that is merely an illusion. The truest source of pure, unbiased love and wisdom comes not from our journey, but from within and our journey is determined not by our life experiences but by our authenticity. Who are you…really?

I hope you find in these pages a life line to reconnect with things that sincerely matter. The things that remind you, you are free and capable. That in order to be strong you must be vulnerable and that to be loved, you must BE love. Our lives all serve a purpose. How we get to fulfilling that purpose is a choice. I know, and have known, from a very young age, I was not born to lead an average life. I was born to touch others with messages of divine love. It is my heart and soul you will find in these pages, and as I evolve, I encourage you to evolve with me.

With Love ~ Gratitude Genie

If ever you wish to contact me, whether to share your story or an inspiration, please feel free to do so at gratitudegenie@yahoo.com


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Be Love. Live Love. Share Love.


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